Sponsorship Inquiry

Fuel the dream and make history with Adkins Speed Center! 🏁 As the inaugural step in any aspiring driver’s journey, sponsoring our LGBTQ-owned outdoor karting business means partnering with passion, inclusivity, and the pioneers of professional racing dreams. Join us in championing diversity, speed, and the road to greatness. Let your brand be part of the first lap towards a thrilling future! 🌈🏎️

We are looking for sponsors to help with a few safety and technical upgrades including our track resurface, additional crash safety bags, timing/scoring and our scale house. We have sponsorship levels for all price ranges.

Level 1: $500

  • Logo and link on our Website

Level 2: $750

  • Logo and link on our website
  • Social Media mentions in posts and reels
  • Sponsor banner hung trackside.

Level 3: $1,000

  • Logo and link on our front page
  • Social Media mentions in post, reels and stories
  • Sponsor banner hung trackside
  • Logo added to team decal kits.

Feel free to call or inquire about sponsoring Adkins Speed Center via the form below.