Brief History of Adkins Speed Center

Established in the late 70s as Adkins Speed Specialist in California, the journey of Adkins Speed Center began with Bill and Ruth Adkins at the helm. With their son, Kyle Adkins, known as the California flash, dominating both the market and race tracks, the business became synonymous with success.

In 1982, the Adkins family made a pivotal move, relocating to Port Washington, OH. They acquired the Kugler-built kart track, solidifying their commitment to karting excellence. The 90s marked a transition as Kyle Adkins took over daily operations from his parents, focusing on the engine building facet of the business. Kyle’s prowess as an engine builder garnered him a reputation as one of the industry’s best.

With the help colleagues Kyle reopened the race track in 2015.  The outdoor karting road course track featuring 6 turns and one of the last true Monza style turns left in the country.  The Monza turn at Adkins Speed Center has almost 30 degrees of banking.

In 2017, tragedy struck with Kyle’s passing, leaving a legacy that would be carried forward by the next generation. Brandon Adkins, Kyle’s son, assumed leadership, bringing a fresh perspective. Embracing his identity as a gay individual and not an engine builder, Brandon steered Adkins Speed Center in a new direction.

Under Brandon’s guidance, Adkins Speed Center transformed into a one-stop kart shop, evolving to be welcoming to all enthusiasts. The emphasis shifted towards creating an inclusive space, not just on the race track but also within the race shop. Today, Adkins Speed Center stands as a testament to its rich history, adapting and thriving while remaining dedicated to the spirit of karting excellence.